Are you a SHAKER? or Looking to SHAKE IT UP?

No, we’re not indirectly referring to Taylor Swift and her ever popular song “Shake It Off.”

When it comes to remodeling and choosing kitchen cabinets, there are a wide variety of styles and colors to pick from.  Shaker style cabinets are a simple and elegant design and a popular choice when considering a kitchen remodel. Their timeless design coordinates easily with any furniture or kitchen layout.  They are known for their plain vertical and horizontal edges and solid-wood frames.  The overall look and appeal of shaker-style cabinets has successfully transitioned over the years and remains and on-trend style for kitchen remodeling.

Most shaker-style cabinets are manufactured with high-quality hardwoods, such as solid maple wood and plywood.  They are generally finished in natural and light stain finishes that go well with modern or farmhouse style kitchens.  They can also be painted, taking the design to the next level with a versatile touch and adding a personal flair in the design process.  Updated designs also include soft close doors and dovetailed sold wood drawers.

If Shaker cabinets aren’t your thing, you might consider “shaking it up” with Raised Panel or other Flat Panel designs.  Raised panel cabinets have a classic shaker-like look but with a raised center panel, adding depth to your space.  Slab door styles are only one flat panel, giving it a more modern, sleek appearance.

To further “shake it up”, there are even more styles to consider, for any type of cabinet remodeling project. There are Inset cabinets, Traditional Overlay Style, Framed, Frameless, Glass cabinets…lots to consider during the discovery phase and design process.

At International Kitchen & Bath, we specialize in unique cabinet designs to create your space the way you want it.  Visit us at our showroom located at 201 Griffith Street in Davidson, NC when you are ready to “shake things up.”