By: K. Bromer


With mortgage rates still high and limited available housing inventory, homeowners are ready to update and renovate.  And with this next remodeling phase, kitchen “face lifts” are evolving in all areas, from cabinetry and islands to appliances and backsplash.


COLOR is gaining traction. Ever popular white and gray are moving aside to pave the way for shades of green and blue. A versatile color, green adds freshness and vibrancy whether it’s sage, olive or emerald.  Blue is a timeless optic that injects a variety of vibes to this gathering area.  From soothing aquas to bright, electric hues, blue aesthetic possibilities make it a bold and dramatic choice. Two tone cabinets are a trendy and stylish choice.  Pairing navy and light blue or two complimentary shades of green creates a sense of depth and a visually appealing space. Balanced finishes offer another way to create visual interest. Matte and glossy, textured and smooth, paint and wood, or darker lower cabinets with lighter upper cabinets create the illusion of a larger space. Hardware styles and colors add the finishing touch to compliment the overall look.


WOOD cabinetry adds warmth and character.   Whether it’s oak, maple, cherry or walnut, texture and sustainability are top choices for a kitchen remodel.  Oak and maple are the most requested wood species, with alder as a third choice for its grain pattern and staining ability.  Wood cabinets come in a variety of styles – shaker, raised panel and slab – and a variety of finishes – stain, paint, distressed and glazed.  This makes wood cabinets a design element that is durable and timeless. Wood cabinets can also be customized to fit any style, from traditional to modern.  Of particular note, Quarter Sawn Oak is becoming popular with updated finishes and styles.  Many people recognize Quarter Sawn Oak as the wood used in Stickley or Mission style furniture.  Its straight grain and “flakes” create a very distinctive appearance unlike standard oak.


ISLANDS are expanding and becoming more multi-functional as open space kitchens blend into other living areas. A place for cooking, dining, entertaining, studying, electronic charging outlets and enhancing entertainment space are the many factors driving this expansion.


APPLIANCES with multi cooking options are replacing traditional wall ovens along with the relocation of the over-the-range microwave to a drawer style.  WiFi appliances with remote/smartphone/tablet access are new options, and appliance “garages” or storage areas that focus on streamlined space but allow for easy access are top choices for countertops and beverage stations.  This is all being driven by form, function and sustainable living.


BACKSPLASHES tie together overall color concepts and add personality and style.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles can mimic marble and granite at a more affordable price point.


LIGHTING is also a factor that is changing in the kitchen.  Found behind cabinet doors and inside drawers, this integrated, mood lighting adds “expression” and ambiance to utilitarian task lighting.


AGE ACCOMMODATION RENOVATIONS are becoming a trend for new home buyers as well as those aging in place.  Pull out cabinets, open shelves, flexible lighting, and non-slip flooring are just a few of the modifications and renovations influencing these remodeling choices for 2024.

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