The seasons are changing across Lake Norman as we head to the winds of November, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. In our blog, we talked about how to brighten up the kitchen for the holidays. This month, we share how International Kitchen and Bath can brighten up the bathroom for the holidays for the LKN homeowners.

The kitchen is always the central point for holiday conversations with family and friends. It is where the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are prepared, and where the fun and good times happen. However, it is important to note that bathrooms are critical too. These personal spaces look best with smart organization and simplicity where everything has a purpose.

Often the bathroom is taken for granted; over time it can begin to show its datedness with older and worn counters, sinks, bath and cabinets. The good news is that even families on a budget can get that bathroom looking good again for the holiday season!

From International Kitchen and Bath we offer four great ways to brighten up the bathroom for the Holiday Season:

  • Exciting options for a bathroom upgrade: Upgrading any of the bathrooms in a home can really make a difference. We provide our clients with personal, customized designs that bring these rooms all together. Sleek benches, built-in armoires, custom cabinets, and a variety of bathroom upgrade ideas can stay within a budget. We offer the right surfaces, gorgeous sinks and custom built cabinets that create this space with total functionality.
  • Beautiful bathroom countertop, sinks, and shelving: International Kitchen and Bath has numerous choices for personal space makeovers. A new granite countertop and sink will not only brighten up the bathroom, but make it stand out.
  • Top quality custom cabinets: Adding brand new custom cabinets can certainly make an old bathroom brand new again. International Kitchen and Baths offers a great selection of custom cabinets that are made in the U.S.A.
  • Unique and personal designs: Our award-winning designers in Davidson sit down with every client to suggest and help decide on the best proposal to fit the budget. We will offer designs to choose from that will soon come to life. Once a design is picked, we will install and upgrade the bathroom to look brand new. Integrate the ultimate linen closet and even add metal wine racks for beautiful rolled linens; the choices are endless.

With Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Year gatherings right around the corner, having a beautifully functioning bath with the right style and organization will make for great conversation. Simplicity and a systematic upgrade will make every bathroom visit pleasant and worry-free. An upgrade before the holidays will make a world of difference for both family and guests.

For more great ideas to brighten up the bathroom for the holidays, you can view our photo gallery and read our customer testimonials. Customers can also visit our beautiful showroom located at 201 Griffith Street in Davidson, in the Sadler Square Shopping Center. We serve the entire area including Charlotte, Davidson, Cornelius, Concord, Statesville, Huntersville, Denver and Mooresville.

Our showroom hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday or by appointment on weekends. Please call 702-982-4001 to set up a weekend appointment.