Happy New Year everyone! Did you know that International Kitchen and Bath has been in business in the Lake Norman Region for over 20 years and we focus on being the local regional authority in the design and sale of cabinets and custom cabinetry? Located in Historic Davidson, North Carolina, we were founded in the belief that designs and cabinetry should not only be functional, but also created with style and design for beautiful spaces in every home across Lake Norman.

Local area homeowners evaluating kitchens and other rooms of the home often wonder where important changes can happen. It is important to call us for the right advice. In the kitchen, there always is a need to store utensils, plates, pans, cups and saucers and or even Tupperware. In the bathroom, it is essential to find places to store and hide makeup, towels and a variety of toiletries. Virtually every room in the house, from the laundry to the garage, can use good looking, yet functional cabinetry. International Kitchen and Bath solves a variety of storage problems by designing and installing custom cabinets in any room or area.

International Kitchen and Bath offers five ideas for our designs and custom cabinets for every room of your home:

  • Kitchen cabinets: Of course, the kitchen is the main room in our homes when we think about adding new cabinets. Do you find yourself struggling around the appliances just to get the blender and the food processor out of s small space? New cabinets can really energize the look of the kitchen while making it easier to store all of the cooking utensils and appliances.
  • Bathroom cabinets: The bathroom is often overlooked as a room in the house that can benefit from new cabinetry installation. Typical bathroom cabinets are often overloaded in a bathroom, and new cabinets can make life easier, both for looks and storage.
  • Home office cabinets: With more and more people working from their homes these days, cabinet space might be at a premium in the home office and work space. International Kitchen and Bath can design and install functional and beautiful cabinets in home offices so that small businesses can grow.
  • Media room and family room cabinets: Custom cabinetry can really make the family room a cozy place in the home to enjoy. There are so many items we store there like CDs, albums, photos, DVDs and much more. Family room cabinets are a great way to organize and store the media we cherish.
  • Laundry room cabinets: We might take our laundry rooms for granted, but it is an important room in our homes here in Lake Norman. Having functional cabinets in the laundry room can make the task of doing laundry easier and more efficient.

Words alone cannot describe how our design ideas and custom cabinets can improve the look and functionality of every room of your home. Check out our photo gallery.

You can view pictures of the kitchens and baths we have designed and remodeled by visiting our gallery of pictures, or visit our International Kitchen and Bath showroom, which is located at 201 Griffith Street in Davidson, in the Sadler Square Shopping Center.

Our hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment on weekends. Please call us at 702-982-4001.