Spring is the start of the home selling season and this is the best time to get it ready. Even if Lake Norman homeowners are not thinking of selling right now, sprucing up the kitchen and bath will add to the home’s value and enjoyment for everyone.

According to most realtors, the places within the house that are most important to a potential buyer are the kitchen and master bathroom. Realtors call these rooms the hot buttons for home buyers, and they are the most important areas of focus when people are house hunting. If home owners are getting ready to sell, our expert designers at International Kitchen and Bath in Davidson, can design changes, and provide kitchen and bath upgrades that will help with the selling process.

International Kitchen and Bath help with home value in three ways:

  • Design Services: Our designers at International Kitchen and Bath can design a new kitchen and or bath. We can come up with the perfect kitchen and bathroom design without going over budget. Homeowners receive custom designs to look over, and then together, we discuss which designs will work the best.
  • Kitchen Cabinets: Over the years, the kitchen cabinets can start to look worn and dull, taking away from the look of a home’s kitchen. Adding new cabinets can really improve the look and value of the home. In addition to replacing the kitchen cabinets, International Kitchen and Bath can also replace countertops with new colors, designs and materials to make your kitchen look brand new.
  • Bathroom Cabinets: Bathrooms can age over time and as one of the most important rooms that home buyers will be looking at, replacing bathroom cabinets can increase the eye appeal and create additional value. Countertops in the bathroom can also become dull looking over time; installing new countertops and sinks can really brighten up the bathroom and make it an area any home buyer will admire.

We all know that exterior curb appeal is very important in selling a home, especially across Lake Norman. It is important to point out that interior curb appeal is just as important. First impressions are everything. There is a warm feeling in the hearts of perspective home buyers when they walk into a new kitchen and or bathroom. International Kitchen and Bath in Davidson can bring smiles all around from start to finish.

We offer great kitchen and bath ideas through our online photo gallery. We also suggest that     home sellers visit our modern showroom, located at 201 Griffith Street in Davidson, in the Sadler Square Shopping Center.

Our showroom hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or by appointment on weekends. Please call 702-982-4001 to set up an appointment.